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Reaching the Lost,
Teaching the Reached
to Live a Christ-centered Life

Kebaktian Minggu (Sunday Service)

10:30 pagi - 12:15 siang

Sekolah Minggu (Sunday School)

10:30 pagi - 12:00 siang

Parkir sementara ini tidak tersedia. Informasi selengkapnya dapat dilihat di link ini.

Indonesian Christian Church

Werner Brodbeck Hall, 156 Collins Street

Melbourne, Victoria 3000

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"Entrusted with The Gospel" Artworks

ICC 1 Tim cover 2020


Gospel-conformed Doctrine - Stephen - 1 Mar 2020
Gospel-conformed Life - Girvan - 8 Mar 2020
Trusting and Loving God in Times of Pandemic

"Gospel-confirmed Doctrine"
by Stephen Antonio

"Gospel-confirmed Life"
by Girvan Tenggono

"Trusting and Loving God in Times of Pandemic"
by Josephine Daniella

Finding Meaning in Suffering - Nadia - 29 Mar 2020
When Trusting God is Hard - Marvela - 5 Apr 2020
How Jesus' Death Transforms Our Lives - Girvan & Stephen - 10 Apr 3030

"Finding Meaning in Suffering"
by Nadia Clarissa

"When Trusting God is Hard"
by Marvela Ester

"How Jesus' Death Transforms Our Lives"
by Girvan Tenggono
& Stephen Antonio

How Jesus' Resurrection Transforms Death - Girvan & Stephen - 12 Apr 2020

"How Jesus' Resurrection Transforms Death"
by Girvan Tenggono
& Stephen Antonio