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Having a God Talk with My Daughter

For some reason, my 9-yr old daughter Tiffany likes to ask deep questions at night. To be precise 15 minutes before she falls asleep. Here is what went on a few hours earlier, which started a questions around the story of Ananias and Saphira, on which my sermon this morning was based.

We saw a YouTube cartoon on the story the night before, then talked about it in the car briefly on the way home from church. Little did I know it led to a deep theological chat after she finished her prayer (don't get me wrong, it's not every night the conversation goes to doctrinal channel, sometimes it's more mundane, earthly, girly, or just plain kids talk).

Tiffany: Dad, did Ananias and Sapphira actually drop dead?

Me: Yes, they did.

Tiffany: Why?

Me: Because they lied to God. They sold the house for, say, 10, 000...

Tiffany: What? That's so cheap. Even cars are more expensive!

Me: Okay... let's make it 100,000. They then gave some of the money to the church and keep the rest for themselves - all is well. But their sin was they told everyone at church they gave all the money because they want to be praised. They lied to God.

Tiffany: How did Peter know that?

Me: The Holy Spirit told him

Tiffany: Is this the same Peter who healed the man from birth?

Me: Yes, the apostle Peter. Do you know why people today didn't drop die even though many lie to God?

Tiffany: I don't know.

Me: Because God is patient with us since Christ has died in our place.

Tiffany: O, of course, I understand that. But why did't God make us love Him?

Me: Because God doesn't want us to program us like robots who love Him

Tiffany: Huh, robots?

Me: Yeah, if have Tamagochi or a robot that you program to love you, then it does have to love you.

Tiffany: O I see. That's why He creates heaven, for people who love Him.

Me: Yeah, but not everyone wants to be in heaven.

Tiffany: What??? Not everyone. I always picture heaven like that nice place in Bali. Why wouldn't they?

Me: They want heaven, but they don't want Christ Jesus.

Tiffany:  That's crazy! It's Christ Jesus who created heaven.

Me: Yeah.

Tiffany: Is there any bad people in heaven?

Me: Heaven is not for nice people. But for people who believes in Jesus Christ, even though they used to be bad or nice.

Tiffany: What do you consider 'believe'?

Me:  You admit you are a sinner, and need Jesus to save you, then you give your life completely to Him to be changed.

Tiffany: Now I know why we need the church ... To tell people about God, Christ, heaven, and the likes.

Me: Yup!

Tiffany: But my friend ________ who is Buddhist said that Buddhism is better than God. What should I say to her?

Me: It's not that Buddhism is better, but salvation is only found in Jesus, the God who came to earth and lived among us.

Tiffany: Hmmm.... I am afraid she won't listen to me.

Me: Well, you need to pray for her, Tif. It's late now. Why don't we stop there, and you close your eyes...

Tiffany: Ok, nite dad. I'll tell you about the book fair at school on the way there tomorrow.

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