Pengumuman/Announcement: Kebaktian ICC sekarang diadakan online. ICC's Sunday Services are now online.

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Reaching the Lost,
Teaching the Reached
to Live a Christ-centered Life

Kebaktian Minggu (Sunday Service)

10:30 pagi - online

Sekolah Minggu (Sunday School) diadakan secara online.

Indonesian Christian Church

Werner Brodbeck Hall, 156 Collins Street

Melbourne, Victoria 3000

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"The Gospel and Missional Church" Artworks

The Missional Trinity God - Katalia Pribadi - 2 Jun 19
The Gospel and Mission - Kezia Wijaya - 9 Jun 19
Missional Church - Livia Tjahjadi - 16 Jun 19.JPG
"The Missional Trinity God"
by Katalia Pribadi
"The Gospel and Mission"
by Kezia Wijaya
"Missional Church"
by Livia Tjahjadi
Missional Lifestyle - Girvan Tenggono - 23 Jun 19
Missional Worship - Ariel Bintang - 30 Jun 19
Missional Relationship - Katalia Pribadi - 5 Jul 19
"Missional Lifestyle"
by Girvan Tenggono
"Missional Worship"
by Ariel Bintang

"Missional Relationship"
by Katalia Pribadi

Missional Work - Girvan Tenggono - 14 Jul 19
Missional Discipleship - Ariel Bintang - 28 Jul 19.JPG
"Missional Work"
by Girvan Tenggono
 "Missional Discipleship"
by Ariel Bintang