SUNDAY SERVICE: 9:30AM English; 11:00AM Indonesian

After a year of trying to say 'no' to God's call to plant a church, Dr Sen Sendjaya and his wife, Dr Lyfie Sugianto, realised that they can't be "disobedient to the heavenly vision” (Acts 26:19). That realisation came after God's assurance that his hand was upon them through the provision of a most strategic place of worship in the heart of Melbourne that is Scots' Church. 

ICC Melbourne first Sunday worship in Bahasa Indonesia kicked off on the 3rd of April 2005. Yes, it's 03.04.05.

In April 2007, we formally became part of linked congregation under the Scots' Church Melbourne charge, a Presbyterian Church, which reflects our commitment to the reformed theology that faithfully expounds the gospel of Christ Jesus. Sen also becomes an Elder at Scots' Church representing ICC Melbourne, and together with the Core Leaders, providing spiritual oversight to the congregation. 

As the church continued to grew, by God's grace we entered a new chapter in the life of the church by launching the 9:30am English service.