SUNDAY SERVICE: 9:30AM English; 11:00AM Indonesian

If you’d like to call ICC your home church, we would like to welcome you as members of our church! Please choose one of the two tracks below:

  1. Catechism Class
    Catechi-what? You might ask. In the original Greek, the word katecheo means to give instruction. Catechism provides you with the fundamental understanding of the Christian faith. The classes run for 9 weeks covering teachings such as the Bible, God as Trinity, mankind, sin, Jesus Christ, salvation, church membership, spiritual growth, and final judgment.

    While these classes are obligation-free (i.e. you don’t have go become a Christian or baptised), they are geared to prepare you to understand the content and foundation of Christianity, and how you might become and grow as Christians.

  2. Membership Class
    Membership is open to those who have already been baptised as an adult and a member of good standing of a Bible-believing church. Those joining us as member must join two classes in our catechism classes which cover the teachings on salvation and church membership.

Usually within 1 month after these classes, we will have a Baptism and Membership Admission ceremony at one of our Sunday services. Those who are baptised will automatically become communicant member of ICC.

Communicant member, as defined by the PCV Code, is a person who has been baptised as an adult and therefore allowed to take the Holy Communion / Lord Supper.

For any inquiries about these classes please contact Prof Sen Sendjaya

By joining a local church, each person is making a statement that they identify with a particular doctrinal position of who God is and what role His Word has in their life. (Brian Boyles)